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Depression Years

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Although these early memories are from what is known as “The depression years," I have no recollection of being deprived of anything. 
I know that my father had difficulty paying for the farm that he bought in 1929 before the bust but farmers had the advantage of having 
acres of gardens and the bank did not want to foreclose on the mortgage. If anything, we were rich compared to my parent’s friends who 
worked or did not have work in town. Consequently, visitors to our home were frequent and many. All of my parent’s friends were called
 “uncle and aunt” whether they were related or not. When they arrived for the weekend, it was an easy matter to kill an extra chicken, get 
a ham out of the smoke house or pick some more vegetables from the garden. I suspect that the best meals they had were in our home.

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