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A Day in the Life of Ops

Rather than tackle a new subject for searching life events to record, I decided to try to record for you “Today”, its events and thoughts that popped into my mind as I was trying to find my way through it.. At least it is probably a clearer picture of me than all of those memories that come tumbling out of the past when you get old.


I got up really early this morning because I had an 8:45 appointment with Dr. Mike Heile and I wanted to get my ballet lesson done before that. My tutu was in the dryer and when I removed it, I found that the dryer had blown its circuit breaker and left me with wet tutu. Oh well, it would probably dry on my bicycle while riding my bike to the class and the grand allegro class would spread the dripping over a wide area. I hope this proves to you that we can have AFD any day of the year. More importantly, life without some humor in it can be very boring and I am trying to stay out of the boredom corner.


Upon returning home and sheading my tutu, I made notes for Mike of subjects to discuss and questions to ask. On the way over to Mikes office on the West Side, I stopped for coffee with no breakfast because I did not know if he wanted any blood tests. With me was Walter Isaacson’s book, “Leonardo da Vinci”. This book leaves you with lots of fond memories about the life of Leonardo and a huge respect for the diversity and quality of his many talents. Did you know he was an artist, architect, weapons engineer, hydraulic engineer, musician, poet, anatomical draftsman, stage manager for a wide variety of events ……? The book makes you think about things like “Why is Mona Lisa smiling like that?”, “Why is the sky blue?” and “How does water get to the top of mountains.




There’s not much news on my health issues. Good reports were available last week from my lung Drs. and Mike is happy with my diabetes control. Mike is off to Germany next week and we plan to get together for a lunch and a jam session when he gets back.


On my return from Mike’s, I stopped for a Starbuck lunch and the last chapter of Leonardo. While there, I starting thinking about and recording some of the thoughts that I wanted to include in this days accounting. Naturally, in that process I think about all of you. “What are you doing?”, “What turns you on?”, “What turns you off?”, “What can I do to make your life better?”……


After Starbucks there are a string of tasks rather than thoughts:

1) Shop Menards for some wood for another ramp to get my bike in my new car.

2) Get gas.

3) Grocery shopping for week’s supply.

4) Repairing the band saw in our shop with a new part.


Often tasks trigger thoughts. Repairing the band saw caused me to think about course material for a class on band saw usage and adjustment. I’ve been doing weekly classes at the Sawdust Clinic for the past few weeks in an effort to improve our user’s skills and to be cognizant of safety issues. We have set up training program to get users qualified in proper and safe use of the power tools in our shop. My friend, Jim Baldock, and I have been the instructors for these sessions. It will take quite a while to cover all users on all machines because some of these things are hard to learn without individual hands on experience.


Still on the plate for today is a practice ride with JDRF around Lunken airport with probably a meal to follow. They are going to do pace lines

so I’ll just do my solo thing. I’ve never seen a three wheeler in a pace line.


I leave you with a Leonardo quote from an age 20 years less than mine but near the end of his, “As a well spent day brings a happy sleep so a well spent life brings a happy death.

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