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A Cold Snowy Day .... Mules Rule, Cars Drool!

At least that was the situation 90 years ago on the Hughes farm!

This day prompted me to write this entry into “Vision and Venture” for a couple of reasons. First, I thought that I had already included it under descriptions of my father. Second, I need to attach a story to the picture below.

This picture was done by my dearest friend, Anna Lee Hopkins. She and I commuted from our homes in Walton, Ky to Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Ky. We were with each other for hours on school days because of our commute, the fact that our driver/teacher drove a school bus during the war and we had common classes. We probably spent at least 6 hours a day together. We have been friends for 80 years.

I once related the story below to her describing one of the coldest days I could remember. Christmas weekend 2022 was a close match but maybe a bit warmer than a day I recall from 1934-35. Anna Lee constructed this picture from paper, cotton, toothpicks etc. She is a talented artist but is now limited to cut and paste materials. She had only ancient memories of my home, a picture of our house, a picture of a 1927 Essex auto and my description of the event.

On a cold winter morning my father went to the garage to start the Essex for a trip to the grocery and found that the battery had succumbed to the temperature. His solution to this problem was natural for a farmer. He went to the barn, harnessed a team of mules, hooked them to the front bumper, opened the front window for the reins and took me with him to the Crittenden grocery. Of course, the Essex had no heater, but we had enough layers to survive the three-mile grocery trip.

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