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What's in a name? Roderick Perry Hughes Jr.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Perry with Mose the raccoon, Jack, Joe and Matilda Duvaul

Sandy was the first respondent to my note about who I am and since she had little experience in knowing my brother, asked me to record some words about our

relationship and joint experiences. Below is a first pass at that and I will try to drag him and his family into other life events as we go along. First, let’s get his name straight. It is not clear what my father’s name was. I think he was named after his mother’s father, Roderick Perry but Dad’s dog tag from WW1 labeled him as Rod Perry Hughes. There may have been a contraction going into service to get through some registration process quicker. Ginny can probably resolve this issue from census records or other family records. My father was also know to his friends (especially business one) simply as R.P. Nevertheless, my brother was Roderick Perry Hughes Jr. Incidentally, there are at least three following generations with the same name. In any case in early memories he was known to family and all that knew him as, Perry. It seems like that is a Hughes habit for attaching middle name handles to Juniors. When he returned home from the marine service, he insisted that he be called Rod and all of his adult friends obeyed but I think Mimi, Pa and I stayed with Perry.

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