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Victory Speed Limit!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

At the beginning of 1943 my family moved to Florida for three months. We drove a bit over thirty five miles per hour and made it in three days.

Living on Clearwater Beach were not allowed to have any light leak from our rental house which could be seen from the Gulf and there were civilian patrols for enforcement.

Also our car lights had to be taped over except for about a square inch to avoid light being seen from the Gulf. I think there were a few German spies that had landed from submarines during that time period.

There was an Army training Base in Clearwater which had a gym there for boxing matches. My father and I would go there to watch them. I also used that gym on my way home from school on a bike for basketball practice.

I was on leave from basketball at Crittenden when we were there.

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