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Stay Away from Mary Jane!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

A couple of other characteristics of Dad were his kindness in trying to teach teenagers how to grow up and how strongly he could let you know what you should not do. On the later point I recall orders about what should not be done with a 14 acre crop of hemp that we grew during 1943. Hemp was in short supply and large demand during the war and selected farmers were chosen and licensed to grow the stuff that might now be regarded as low grade pot.

Kentucky Hemp Field

I was convinced that if I even walked through that field, I could be sent to the narcotics hospital in Lexington for a prolonged stay there. As a result, I have stayed away from all pot and other narcotics over the years.

His teaching methodology centered around phrase “Let me show you how to---“. He taught life habits and traits by example and I still admire his methods.

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