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Shoe Horn Blues!

As a senior member of the T1d community, I have experienced most of the T1d side effects but today I discovered a new one. When I arose this a.m., all was normal through my bathroom and dressing chores.

However, my last dressing duty is putting on my shoes and as has been my experience for the last few days, I had trouble getting my left shoe on my old left broken foot. It is not abnormal for me to get some pain which my neurapathy helps me through with these shoeing sessions.

When I stood up to get under way, I had excruciating pain in my left foot comparable to the original fracture years ago. After rounding up a cane and a walker, I managed to fix breakfast and decided on the next step for treatment. I made it to my car and drove to the Westchester Hospital emergency room.

After the usual long waits in the ER and vital testing, I was taken to a room where the nurse removed my shoe and found a shoehorn in it. Apparently, it had been in there several days since I remember losing it on Tuesday when my cleanup crew straightens up my place. It was not recognized by me because of the neurapathy and was probably in a position that made it serve as an arch support rather than an instrument of intense pain.

This morning it must have repositioned itself so that the tang was pushing on one of my old broken bones causing the pain.Now to all you T1d’s, to avoid “Shoehorn in the Shoe” syndrome simply take off your shoes and rest a while before going to the ER.

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