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Rules for Geriatric Bicyclists

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

1. Don’t try to backup/park your bike like your 84 Buick station wagon between two Honda Civics parked 10 feet apart. Reverse gear on bikes do not work very well unless your sprockets are very rusty. Bikes don't have very good bumpers. . 2. Always ride with your mouth closed. Otherwise you collect too many bugs, bees and butterfly’s. It also keeps you from drooling too much.

3. Unless you still have a leftover WW2 steel helmet, get a bicycle helmet. The strap helps to keep your mouth closed.

4. Get one of those dinky little mirrors to attach to your helmet. If properly adjusted, you can see whether your mouth is closed.

5. Buy one of those binky white lights for the front of your bike. Just follow it and it will take you someplace.

6. Ride between two other bikers. They provide some cushion when you lose you balance and fall sideways.

7. Keep on riding!

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