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Play time with Perry!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Hey Perry ... check that out!
Billy Jo bathing in the Bullock Pen creek

I do not have vivid memories of my early years with Perry. He was five years older than me and we did not share a lot in the arena of play and games. I do remember playing checkers and monopoly with him. Of course, tree climbing was an active sport of all ages of farm boys and we had a yard full of big maple trees and lots of woods on the farm  It is a wonder that both of us survived boyhood without broken 
bones. As a sport we also swam together. Bullock Pen creek ran 
through our farm and supplied a variety of “swimming holes”. Among them were the “Sycamore Hole”, “Hughes’ Hole” and “Johnson’s Hole”. They varied in depth, size and available trees from which to jump. All are now at the bottom of Bullock Pen Lake. Also swimming quality was proportional to recent rainfall. Swim suits were not needed. We both probably got our first view of female anatomy by distant views of visiting female swimmers.
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