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Perry's Dancing Days!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Perry graduated from Crittenden High School in 1939 and then moved on to college at Hanover College near Madison, Ind. I do not have strong memories of our relationship during his late high school and early college years. That was probably because during that period he discovered girls and did not have much time for a younger brother. 
I don’t remember their names but I remember them as being very pretty. One was from Crittenden and, I think, was a classmate. Another had a last name of Southern and lived in West Carrollton, Oh.  Our families were friends and I remember playing with her two brothers who were near my age while Perry was courting ?
I think he found his real love, Ann Kasper, during his second year at Hanover. As best as I can remember Perry was still dating ? Southern during the summer of 1940 when he was home from college. 
They went to big band dances at Castle Farm, a dance hall near Seymour and Reading Roads in Cincy, at the Cotton Club on 5th St in Cincy and at Coney Island. Another venue for dance bands during this period was the Alms Hotel near Victory Parkway and William Howard Taft. Marge and I also danced at these venues except for the Cotton Club since it had closed before we were dating.

The Southern family reminds me of another character in the Hughes family story. Mable Shebanyek was a friend of my mother and I will return to her later for some interesting life experiences. She was originally from Middletown, Ohio and was friends of the Southerns causing our families to become friends.

This is enough for a round of Hughes history and I will return to the 
more mature relationships with my brother at a later time.

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