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The Dancing Hillbilly!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I always looked on my brother as a mentor. The age spread kept us from being very competitive with each other. I do not ever remember getting into a fight with him. During younger years he was always around to help me repair or build toys, do homework, or finish a tinkertoy, erector set or chemistry set project.

Among his teen age accomplishments that I remember is his passion for tap dancing. He was a good dancer in general but tap had a special appeal for him. Remember that tap dancing was the theme of many movies and musicals of that time. People like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers were star dancers of that time and many big bands had a tap dancer in their repertoire (even Lawrence Welsh had a tap dancer). He took weekly lessons from a teacher, Mrs. Krause in Walton and did daily practice session with a 78 rpm Victrola. His teacher also taught piano and put on a big recital of her students at the James Theatre in Walton every year.

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