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One Eyed Boston Terrier

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Perry was always a good student and managed to finish high school a year early in 1939. I think he skipped a grade in his elementary school at Verona probably because our mother had taught him to read before his school years. 

Perry was a good athlete and basketball player. We like all families were in regular attendance at all ball games. I was the manager of the team mascot, my one eyed Boston Terrier. Butch was trained to bark on command and he performed for every goal. He also would grab a leash and hold tenaciously while being rotated off the floor by centrifugal force. We did do basketball things together with a goal on the end of the scale house and he mentored me into basketball. We both had Joe, Lee Duval’s son, as a basketball mate. He his sister, father, aunt and uncle lived on our farm. He was the best shooter but his school (which was separate from ours in those days) did not have a basketball team.

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