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Introducing Anna Lee Coup Hopkins!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

One more teenage sport/hobby was roller skating. There was a rink in Walton and during most opportunities, I skated. It also provided a circumstance to hang onto a female skater while trying to demonstrate the skating trick you had just learned. It was also fun to fall together.

I recall riding a cow pony from Crittenden to Walton to go skating. I got to know one one my best friends, Anna Lee Coup Hopkins, at this rink and still see her fairly often. Just one more skating experience and I will conclude this chapter. I recall a serious argument with my parents about buying a set of shoe/skates. You must know that during WW2 shoes were rationed and we only got two pairs per year – the skates reduced my quota for real shoes to one pair. Also, the quality of shoes available was very low. Nevertheless, I got the skates and one pair of shoes survived the year with multiple trips to shoe repair.

I’ll be back with adult hobbies/sports.

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