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Honesty, Fairness, Manners

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Three words come to mind when I think of Dad: 1) Honesty, 2) Fairness and 3) Manners.

I do not remember exact words to me on these subjects, but I know from the training I got that they were a high priority with my parents.

My only memory of a painful experience was a spanking event where Dad thought I had told him a lie and I thought I had told him the truth on a subject I have forgotten. His evidence and my memory of what happened were probably both at fault.

A large portion of one’s personality comes from observation of their parent’s habitual practices with other people. I spent a lot of time following Dad around as he carried out the farming business and had the feeling that he always dealt with other businesses and labor in an honest and fair manner. If he shook hands on something it was the equivalent of inviolate contract. I recall getting rather consistent lectures on manners: stand up straight, do not frown, keep your shoes tied and your shirt tucked in, always address seniors with “Sir” or “Ma’me” and always be on time for appointments.

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