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Big Momma Emma Claycamp Menneffee

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Grandma was a big woman who gives me fond memories. For her time she was an explorer. I recall her going on a vacation by herself 
(probably in 33 or 34) to Mexico. She brought me a very large Mexican hat. I also recall going with her to Lunkin airport to take an airplane trip to Chicago. I can still see the Ford tri-motor American Airlines plane take-off. My grandfather died in 1935 and my grandmother maintained their home at 2120 Glenway in Covington until she had strokeabout 1942. She lived with us on the farm after that until she died in 1943 at the home of aunt Cecil. I often visited with her during the period 1935-1942. Strong memories of trips to the Zoo, Coney Island and “Over the river” (what Kentuckians called Cincinnati) are still in my mind. The trip to the zoo consisted of three different trolley cars and the Mt. Adams incline with waits at each connection. It was an all day trip with hot dogs, ice cream, and peanuts shared with the monkeys. Suzie, the gorilla, was a must for me as much as elephants were to Katarina. Grandma had a tricycle and a scooter for me when I visited. I loved them because we had no sidewalk in the country upon which to ride. She 
probably influenced my career choice by giving me a radio kit to be built in about 38. After her stoke, she lived with us on the farm until she died. Unfortunately, she was almost totally disabled during that period and was cared for by Bulla Robertson who lived with us during most of that. 
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