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Big Boys have Double Barrels!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

In my youth, practically all country boys were into guns and fishing. I got my first Daisy BB gun at about 8 or 9. There were frequent warning from parents about getting shot in the eye and never being able to see anything again but I do not remember any other training. It was used to shoot almost anything but a target or a bird. Mice around the corn crib were my target of choice. Later I got a double barrel Daisy for Christmas.

Beyond about 12, I could use my father’s .22 rifle to hunt squirrels, possums and rabbits. Since my father was an ardent bird hunter, I probably inherited the hunting instinct. Yes, I dressed and ate the rabbits and squirrels and sold fur skins to a store in Crittenden.

Fishing was not a big time hobby in my youth and fishing tackle was never on my Christmas list. I did fish with my parents in local creeks and ponds. We did a lot of fishing from the pier and bridges during the time in Clearwater Beach.

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