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A life well lived!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Both Dad and Mom seemed to love their winter (Jan. through Mar.) excursion to Clearwater. I went with them on their first one in 1942.

The Crittenden farm was sold in 1943 and after that they stayed with Lawrence & Helen Farrell on the Verona farm. Later they rented either a house or apartment in Walton for their Ky. residence.

Dad continued to manage the Verona farm and to do some work there until his death in 1960. I was his surrogate during his last year of life and through the settlement of his estate and sale of the Verona farm a year or so after his death.

About September of 1959 I took my Dad to see a Dr. Biltz in Newport. He had been my father’s physician for years. This visit included x-ray exams that showed that had an advanced stage lung cancer. He was given a life expectancy of about six months. It was the only time I recall seeing my Dad being devastated.

However, shortly thereafter he and Mom went to Florida early and he seemed to bounce back in his attitude toward a terminal illness. I do not remember the date but Marge, Bart, Ginny and I visited with them in Fla. for a week before his passing.

I know he enjoyed that week and we probably talked to each other during more that week than any other week in or lives. For the condition, his suffering was minimal in that he had a stroke a few days before his death.

Perry and I visited with him during his few days of hospitalization. He knew we were there but could not respond.

Rod Perry Hughes was a great parent-mentor-friend. I still think of him often as a model for “The good life”.

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