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A Certified Senior Citizen goes to Vegas Baby!

Great title by Mose Allison! This video documents the few days before the first Death Valley trip. Highlights included Hoover Damn, Red Rock, Harry Ried's cousin, Seinfeld, Jazz overlooking the strip and of course .... ELVIS!!!

PS: I know Opa loves this song and the title and I'm guessing the lyrics which are include here:

I'm a certified senior citizen And I don't have to pay full fare You might ignore me but doctors adore me Got my Medicaid got my Medicare

I'm a certified senior citizen 'Scuse me while I take my nap You don't like my drivin', I don't like your jivin' Just don't give me that ole timer crap

It's true It could happen to you Take a bus Every single day there's more of us

I'm a certified senior citizen Got Florida on my mind I won't even mess with checkers and chess Just take me to the place where they bump and grind

This year It all seems too clear Understood It ain't nothin' but another childhood

I'm a certified senior citizen And one of these days I'm gonna get myself a gray panthers punk rock band Raise hell in Arizona

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