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90 for 90!

ESPN has their piddly ole 30 for 30. Big deal. This is a flashback to 2017 to Opa's 90 for 90. Seriously, we had 90 people to celebrate that incredible milestone. And notice that Jack, always the fashionista, had at least 1 costume change! Gotta represent ... JDRF AND Fuller Center!

Check out pics of Jack and his guests/admirers!


Remember Dave Letterman and his top 10 lists? Well, for Jack we have a list of his top ten accomplishments … since turning 80!

1. Rode his bike in Death Valley to raise money to support JDRF!

2. Jumped out of an airplane.

3. Rode his bike on the Natchez Trace to support the Fuller Center.

4. Rode on a zip line down a mountain in the Swiss Alps!

5. Rode his bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and then another 15 miles to Tiberon.

6. Traveled to northern Canada with his nephews to help significantly reduce the fish population there!

7. Rode his bicycle from Cincinnati to Washington D.C. He even stopped on town squares to collect handwritten letters to deliver to Congress.

8. Well of course Opa got his kicks on Route 66! Drove Cross country to West Coast and back including route 66!

9. Rode his bike around Lake Geneva

10. Flew on an honor flight to Washington D.C with his fellow WWII veterans.

11. Played his trumpet and/or saxophone at various gigs in Ohio and Indiana.

12. Rode his bike in France from the Champagne region to Paris. I mean from Champagne to a Paris suburb! He didn’t quite make it to Paris!!

13. Inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame in 2015

14. Raised or donated over half a million dollars for JDRF.

15. Donated over $200K to Maple Knoll for the creation of a Hospice unit, an exercise machine and led the establishment of a new woodworking shop.

16. And last but not least … And I think this is one of his proudest moments ..Officiated at Jordan and Meredith’s wedding in May 2017.

Lastly, check out this videotape of his amazing life and accomplishments!

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1 Comment

Sandy Hughes
Apr 17, 2020

I want to be you when I grow up, Jack!

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